Tacky Swedish Women Are Here To Brighten Your Afternoon


It is Saturday and it is raining and you are miserable.  But to brighten your day, here are some beautiful Swedish women to sing in a foreign tongue at you.

I just spent the last two hours watching the final of Melodifestivalen, which is this annual music competition thing wherein the people of Sweden choose their selection for Eurovision, which is this other, much larger music contest thing that probably you have never heard of.  A doll-like girl named Anna Bergendahl won, but don’t worry about that.  Worry about the delightful song above, which is called “Kom” and which is by a group called Timoteij.  It was miles better than any of the other entries.

Two more non-winners after the jump:

Here are two songs that didn’t even make it into the finals, despite the fact that they are both better than nearly all the songs that did.  First up is Jenny Silver, whose song “A Place To Stay” lacks a strong melody but more than makes up for it with shiny accessories, Dusty Springfield hand gestures, and awkward English expressions like “it takes not long.”


And here’s Linda Pritchard, with her perky “You’re Makin’ Me Hot Hot Hot,” which deserved a spot in the finals based on the title alone:


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