Jerkus Circus Comes To Providence

Find true love at JERKUS CIRCUS this Saturday at AS220!

Comedy, burlesque, and freaks! Voted best neo-vaudeville by the Boston Phoenix in ’09. Produced, Created, and Hosted by the world famous Steamy Bohemians.

Jerkus Circus is America’s most delinquent traveling circus, a campy cabaret show that will steal your heart. . .  and your identity. . . to download porn. Called “haute vaudeville” by the Boston Phoenix, Jerkus Circus brings back variety in style, including wildly diverse performance artists, uniquely hilarious comedic acts, pasties, drug references, and all your favorite swear words. Watch us channel the gods of chaos! Our struggle will seem effortless. What song will Lainey forget how to play? What will Niki pull out of her boobs? There’s only one way to find out. Come see hilarious comedians, scary weirdos, sexy dancing, and fabulous music. Created, produced, and hosted by The Steamy Bohemians.

9pm, Saturday, $8 or less, AS220, 115 Empire Street, all ages


Babes in Boinkland
Best Burlesque by the Boston Phoenix ’09 Led be the gorgeous and brilliant Sugar Dish (Slutcracker creator and producer)

Andy O’Fiesh (The Naked Comic)
Yup, that’s no flesh toned body suit! But you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll forget he’s naked.

Chris Fleming
He looks like your science lab partner, but his physical stand-up comedy will have you snorting the periodic table of elements through your nose.

Dezrah the Strange
An Ordinary guy who does Extraordinary things.

The Human Floor
Creepy sideshow acts of strength, daring, and pain tolerance

86 Years Young Mary Dolan
Terrifically funny old gal from the Vaudeville years

UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb
Beautiful, brilliant, hilarious performance artist. Must be seen to believed!

Burlesque Poetess Jojo Lazar
So adorable! Prepare to fall in love!

Super Special Musical Guests/House Band
Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys
“Musically sophisticated and immensely talented, wildly unusual and diverse in material and presentation, a Dada-esque circus carnival run amuck, and just plain good fun” -Boston Survival Guide 2010

What people are saying about the Circus:

“Oddball sexuality and a slaphappy caboodle of raw talent makes JERKUS CIRCUS a fantasyland for creepster hipsters, horny carnies, art fags, fart hags, and connoisseurs of real-deal performance art that’s fueled by a few puffs on a unicorn bong. The Steamy Bohemians’ bi-curious variety show (happening quarterly at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge and Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner in Worcester) has featured the sweet cream of Boston’s artistic crop, including Black Cat Burlesque, the Human Floor, Babes in Boinkland, Robby Roadsteamer, the Boston Typewriter Orchestra, Evan O’Television, and, of course, the Steamies themselves.” – Boston Phoenix, Best of 2009

“Good ole fashion vaudeville acts are a mighty rare occurrence, with the city’s highfalutin’ intelligentsia demanding more than just a simple tambourine dance, some blackface and a performance of the song “Uncle Grunty’s Shoeless Jig. Let’s just say that in the revolutions of art there comes a time for renaissance, when the avant-garde becomes too much and we must once again return to the core of what is known as pure—or as they say—”make it new.” Friday sees the consummate rebirth of entertainment variety as The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge gives host to Jerkus Circus, a freewheeling whirlwind of freaks, feminism and fart-jokes hosted by hometown heroes The Steamy Bohemians. Offensive? Low-brow? Sultry, salacious and scatological? You bet your bottom dollar. It’s been known to intrude on one’s deepest reserves of sexual inhibition, blow a hole in the side of the tank and let flow all the milky goodness of hedonistic indulgence that a human can possibly expunge in one evening. Half-naked ladies with classically trained soprano voices singing songs about kissing cousins and bastard children all the while pulling strange things out from between their breasts? Done and done. Welcome to the new vaudeville.” – Boston’s Weekly Dig

“Fetchingly dizzy shtick. It’s sort of a musical Burns & Allen routine, only with way more boob fixation.”
– Shaula Clark for the Boston Phoenix

“The Steamy Bohemians not only take every pee-pee cah-cah joke and hand it back to nitwits still amazed by predictable crotch humor, but they make them like it so much that the nitwits then go home and masturbate. Feminism and fun? We used to have to keep that shit secret.”
– political satirist Barry Crimmins

“Thwack together vaudevillian comic chops, astounding musicality, and oodles of quirky sex appeal and you’ve got the Steamy Bohemians, Boston’s very own darlings of debauchery. Part glam rock, part stand-up comedy, and all sass, steamy duo Lainey Schulbaum and Niki Luparelli seductively tickle audiences with songs like “My Love For You (The Mayonnaise Song),” “Second Cousin,” and “The Ballad of the Bastard,” which the ladies claim are inspired by “chaos, cultural discontent, and gender polarity. And weed.” Though their banter rivals Lucy and Ethel and their lyrics are borderline absurd, these broads offer more than just a kitschy hook. Both are classically trained sopranos, and Schulbaum’s guitar playing will rock your pretty little face off. Check out their debut album Technicolor Radio or, better yet, their live show Jerkus Circus.”
– Boston Phoenix / Stuff@night

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