Join Us: Tom For Treasurer Kick-Off Party

Tom SgourosThat’s Thursday, March 18, at the Hi-Hat. Facebook here. More details on the event below, but first, Tom’s take on why you really oughtta give a hoot about who your State Treasurer happens to be:

Why should you care about the treasurer’s race? The treasurer’s office is an underused asset to our state government, with important levers of power that seldom get used. The treasurer isn’t just about finance, but also housing, education, the environment and more. We deserve a treasurer who understands that it’s not just about managing the state’s finances more efficiently, but also about using those levers to benefit the state’s working families, its water and air, housing, education and more. Read more about finance, or about me at the campaign web site, or at, or — better yet — come to the party and ask me.

And the March 18 details:

A week from this Thursday, on the evening of March 18, please join me for a fundraising party for my campaign for Rhode Island General Treasurer. It will be at the Hi-Hat, in Davol Square, Providence, from 6-9, and will feature an invasion, I mean appearance, by the fabulous What Cheer? Brigade, a 16-piece street band with four drummers, three tubas and heaven knows how many trombones and trumpets. My friend Aaron Wade of the band Santamamba will also be around to fight back on the piano. And I’ll probably speak for a little bit, too. The suggested donation is $100.

There are more than fifty co-hosts helping me with this affair:
Craig O’Connor and Lauren Goddard – Melody Drnach – Dave Heckman- Matt Jerzyk – Karen McAninch and Steve Markovitz – Rachel Miller – Jane Murphy and Jim Dean – Marvin Ronning – Marti Rosenberg – Roxie and Tom Sgouros Sr. – Jim Tull – Councilman Seth Yurdin – Representative Frank Ferri – John Roney – Senator Rhoda Perry – Ray Rickman – John and Letitia Carter – Robert Walsh, Jr. – Harry and Alice Beckwith – Marc B. Gertsacov, Esq. – Jim Harris – K. Nicholas Tsiongas – Lawrence Purtill – Ric McIntyre – Paul McNeil – Dave Ortiz – Representative David Segal – Henry and Peggy Sharpe – Bruce Vild and Faith Lamprey – Jay Walsh – Rick Brooks – Bert Crenca – Brian Hull – Representative Scott Guthrie -Representative Art Handy – Ed and Cathy Hardie – Meg Kerr and Bob Vanderslice – Nancy Evans Lloyd – Lynne McCormack and Al Chin – Garrett Bliss – Patrick Crowley – Representative Bob DaSilva – Johnny Dollar – Scott Duhamel – Representative Jay Edwards – Alisa Gallo – Roberta Hazen Aaronson and – Michael Aaronson – Representative Edie Ajello – Michael Alper – Representative Chris Fierro – Representative Rod Driver – and Dan Bass

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