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prohibition I did not see this coming. The editorial board of The Providence Journal has come out in favor of ending our government’s futile war on drugs by legalizing, regulating and taxing all illicit drugs and placing addiction in the public health realm where it belongs. The title of the piece “Silver or lead?” refers to the ‘choice’ given to Mexican officials by the violent drug cartels. The recent murders in Ciudad Juarez of a U.S. consulate official and her husband have brought to our attention the unbelievable death toll the drug war is exacting right across the border. Juarez, a city of 1.5 million people, had over 2600 murders — last year. The editorial takes Obama to task for his recent offer of $1.4 billion in aid to Mexico and Central America to help fight the drug lords, characterized as “money down the drain”.

The time has come to end this war, and recognize reality. It is impossible to stop an illicit business that creates fortunes in poor countries.

This is an excellent piece which should persuade any people who, for whatever reason, have yet to see the light on this issue.

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