Signs Of Hope: Sewers And Sunshine (And Route 95!)

blackstone river at slatermill [Thank you commenter. The RIDOT web site confirms that Route 95 in both directions is now open.]

Okay, the weather is going to help out a little here and Warwick officials are reporting that 80% of sewer service has been restored. The Governor just gave a news conference (Thursday noon) stating that maybe, just maybe, Route 95 can be brought back online before this evening’s rush hour. This might be a good time to mention how useful local news gathering outlets are in times like this. Today’s Providence Journal had great coverage by Tom Mooney et al., with fantastic photos by Sandor Bodo and Mary Murphy. I checked in with Channel 10 and ABC6 quite a bit over the last couple of days and they were getting the job done as well with camera crews and reporters out and about. Bloggers just won’t do that.

However, for those lucky enough not to be losing homes and businesses, rushing rivers can make pretty compelling viewing. One of the best places to stare at water may be the Slater Mill from Main Street in Pawtucket. Words can’t describe the volume and speed of the river crashing through the bridge here. It’s just mesmerizing. More pix after jump.

below: the blackstone river under main street in pawtucket

under main street bridge

below: looking south from main street bridge in pawtucket

looking south from main st

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  1. Annie Messier

    This just in from the Governor’s office:

    All Rhode Islanders who have experienced damages and losses from the recent flooding are eligible to register with FEMA, regardless of whether or not their property is located in a designated flood plain. This goes for residences and businesses.

    Go to or call 1-800-621-3362 to register.

  2. RIDOT rocked on the social media front. They were (and continue to be) all over the Tweet and the Faceplace. And the Google Map they did of street closings was very good.

  3. Yes, that stuff did start accumulating on the web site. But as to the live over-the-air coverage I have to say that, not only is a flooded Rte. 95 sexy — it’s pretty damn newsworthy. They are a visual medium after all. What I appreciated is that the reporters, when faced with an actual disaster and not some ginned-up snow event, seemed to maintain a more measured and professional demeanor. Maybe they were frightened.
    And speaking of the bridge in Pawtuxet. How did it do this time around? I’ve definitely checked that out in the past and I can’t believe it wasn’t overrun this time.

  4. I think ProJo did a good job of covering everything. The TV channels were more focused on what looked sexy on TV, flooded 95, flooded mall, the ragingest rivers…

    ProJo was providing more actual information on what was happening across the state than the TV news was. And ProJo was doing a better job of placing the info right on the front page, and not forcing you to dig through detritus as Eric points out about Channel 10.

  5. Another really great spot to check out is the Broad Street bridge over the river in Pawtuxet Village. Amazing.

  6. erm, that will teach me to rush through commenting while at work. Not

  7. I actually did have a problem with as most of the actual “news” that I needed and was seeking was buried under 2 pages of links to user submitted videos of the flooding in their respective backyards. Set up a seperate page for all of the uploads and keep the Governor’s info, RIDOT updates, and road closings on the front page not the video of another flooded driveway or backyard. We knew it was flooding we were looking for helpful and useful info.

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