ice cream quote Two of my favorite things — enlightenment philosophy and ice cream. Wayland Square is apparently getting an ice cream shop (where Spoons used to be). In the meantime, the ice cream tempura at Haruki will have to do. There is a sign in the window that would indicate the owners are hiring. Info after the jump.

mad ernies job opening

2 thoughts on “Scoops”

  1. crappy ice cream…crappy portions…and SUPER expensive…BOO. Back to Cold Stone or Ben and Jerry’s…at least the price is worth it…

  2. Annie Messier

    Just overheard in my office lobby:

    Woman #1: We tried that new ice cream place in Wayland Square this weekend.
    Woman #2: So did we! Funny, I didn’t see you there.

    Gotta love Rhode Island.

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