All Johnny Cash, All Night

Johnny Cash mugshot [I’m bumping this up to the front page. The show is tonight! BC]

Head down to the RISD Auditorium for a Johnny Cash bash to benefit the prison literacy program Books Through Bars. The evening kicks off at 8:00pm when the ‘Mericans take the stage. Disclosure: Dose editor Eric Smith plays bass in the ‘Mericans so it’s sort of our house band. . . if we had a house. Frontman Chris Daltry explained to Chris Conti of the Providence Phoenix why they had to be in on this project.

“Several years ago, I fronted a Johnny Cash cover band that included members of the Blackstone Valley Sinners, and because of that I already knew a bunch of Cash songs,” Daltry said. “This was something that the ’Mericans just had to be part of.”

Plus, Daltry is constantly in-and-out of prison and loves reading. I have heard their version of ‘Ring of Fire’ and it is awesome. Not sure which band in this excellent lineup will get the honor of covering that classic (they could each just play that one song over and over as far as I’m concerned) but it’s a pretty deep songbook, there’s plenty to go around. Also slated to perform are Brown Bird, Coyote Kolb, Mark Cutler, Avi Jacob, Last Good Tooth, Ben Pilgrim, Tallahassee, and the Wrong Reasons; all the bands are donating their time.

$10, $7 student ID, 7:30pm, Thursday, The Johnny Cash Music Series, RISD Auditorium, 17 Canal Street

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