He Makes Jonsi Sound Like Barry White

death vessel Good news for Sigur Ros fans, frontman Jon Thor Birgisson — now recording as Jonsi — has launched an international tour in support of his new solo album ‘Go’. Imagine how surprised the Jonsi fans will be to find out he doesn’t have the highest voice in the show. None other than Rhode Island’s own Death Vessel (Sub Pop) is the opening act on the extensive North American leg of the tour, with vocalist Joel Thibodeau hitting the high notes. I heard him for the first time last October at the Avon show and this guy sings in a register somewhere above little girl bats, and it seems a sure thing that Sigur Ros fans will be receptive. This is a huge deal and could mean big things career-wise for Joel, who by all accounts is a super nice person. (photo credit: s fradella)

Click to hear ‘Go’. There’s a lot to like, but really play Animal Arithmetic.

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