Look Up From Your Vermouth On The Rocks Tonight At Perishable


Tonight, Wednesday, at 5:30pm, join a group of queer-thinking curators for a panel discussion at Perishable Theater called Into The Void: Nurturing a Queer Canon.  It’s moderated by occasional Dose contributor Micah Salkind and features Elmo Terry-Morgan, producer of The Black Lavender Experience at Brown; Noah Anacleto and Sarah Kern, the forces behind Paint It Pink; and, um, me.

It’s another humanities event tied in to Perishable’s production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch which, uh, I won’t be seeing until Thursday but which is supposed to be really good.  (NB: I am the worst blogger/panelist ever.)

The panel’s free and open to the public.

Into The Void: Nurturing A Queer Canon
Perishable Theater
95 Empire St

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