Boycott Arizona

The state of Arizona (as I’m sure you’ve heard) recently enacted legislation requiring cops to stop and question folks who provide “reasonable suspicion” of being an illegal immigrant.

Well, mayors and city councilors around America are stepping up to the plate to boycott Arizona.

The City Councils of Washington D.C., Los Angeles and Oakland have all proposed boycotts that, if enacted, would prohibit their city from entering into contracts with or purchasing goods or services from businesses headquartered in Arizona.  The measures would also prohibit city workers from visiting Arizona on official business.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman have both approved immediate moratoriums on city-related travel to Arizona.

While I’m sympathetic to the argument that a blanket boycott hurts businesses that have no dog in this fight (and, possibly, a fair number of immigrants the boycott is intended to defend), I also find the law so reprehensible that I’m inclined to support such a move here in Providence.

(By the way, the Arizona Iced tea company is quick to point out that their beverages are manufactured in New York.)

3 thoughts on “Boycott Arizona”

  1. Kevin, that is not the end of the story. People who come into this country illegally aren’t “migrating”, they are trespassing. If the immigration laws are such that it’s too hard to enter the country legally, then a change in the laws are in order. However, that does not justify breaking those laws in the meantime and in the process destabilizing our country with the constant flow of intruders.

  2. Rob, how are you entitled to change the definition of a word? An immigrant is a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence. That is the definition. End of story.

  3. When I tell somebody that they are welcome at my house, it is fully understood that i’m expecting them to come to the front door and ring the bell, not climb in the bathroom window. It’s sad that our illegal alien problem has come to the point where Arizona has to pass such laws, but as long as people are entering this country illegally, something has to be done. By the way, the term “illegal immigrant” is improper. If somebody is in this country illegally, they aren’t an immigrant, they are an intruder.

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