if 'n oof From Ian Donnis over at WRNI comes this — Bob Seay’s recent interview with Brian Chippendale who seems unable to stop covering paper with ink. His upcoming graphic novel If ‘n Oof (that apostrophe moves about) is available for pre-order over at Picture Box where it is described as 650 pages long with a shipping date in June. That would be impressive enough given the insane density of Chippendale’s artwork but the text of the WRNI piece has this volume coming in at 800 pages with a release date in September. But in the interview itself, BC rounds it up to an even 1000! Somebody stop this poor man. (And in his spare time, what Chippendale does to paper with ink, he does to the air with noise. The recent Black Pus show at AS220 was very well-received by one of my coworkers who is not easily roused.)

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