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red cups Emma Watson tells Vanity Fair that her attempts at having a typical freshman experience included attending a frat party where she discovered that the iconic red kegger cups are really real. So she can check that one off.  According to the piece her first week here was “just awful”. But she has since met a musician named Rafael, and maybe the news that a converted double decker bus from London will soon be rocketing around town as a ‘Julian’s on wheels’ will make her feel at home. . . although I suppose it’s the last thing in the world she could ever be seen getting on or standing near. (I sure hope Julian is investing in some serious shock absorbers.) And in conclusion — I do not understand the British Parliamentary system even one little bit. Cheers.

5 thoughts on “British News Roundup”

  1. At least I can take a piss without my government having me on video tape. No country is perfect. Plus, we are kind of big, which makes things difficult. Personally, I think New England is pretty cool.

  2. CockroachCity

    That’s odd, ’cause the Brits totally understand your bullshit political system, which has produced NO national health insurance 60 years after European parliamentary democracies got theirs, and a fucking Electoral College that ensures about half of Presidential popular ballots are literally never even counted. Also, a national 20 percent child poverty rate, a 60 percent rate of belief in Creationism, the developed world’s highest crime rate, the developed world’s highest high-low salary disparity, the developed world’s ugliest fucking strip mall architecture landscape, its worst public school system, a raving lunatic right wing “Black helicopters” paranoia with periodic Joe McCarthy terror purges, a fundamentalist Christian culture that no European country would tolerate, moronic television, morbid obesity running at 20 percent of Americans, fucking fat ugly school children every-fucking-where, trailer trash landscape across millions of square miles, ungrammatically moronic public discourse, and, generally speaking, a country that feels like a fucking third-world dung-heap compared to France or the Netherlands or Denmark, et-fucking-cetera.

  3. It’s good to have another young person of accomplishment in our fair city.

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