David Segal Will Run — Announcement Wednesday

david segal for congress Today is the Day! Dave kicks off his campaign and you can be part of it from Day One. Head over to 218 Taunton Avenue (Bank of America, meet your nemesis) at 12:30pm for the official announcement, meet the candidate and cheer your head off. (Can’t make it today? Click here to join this grassroots campaign.) Let’s send someone to Washington who listens to his constituents, not the lobbyists, and knows how to get things done. Today is the day!

RI State Rep. and “Progressive Caucus” firebrand, David Segal, will officially enter the Democratic primary for Patrick Kennedy’s now open seat in the United States Congress. Katherine Gregg of The Providence Journal recently had Segal discuss his record,

A former Providence city councilman and state representative for a district that overlaps Providence and East Providence, Segal takes credit for winning passage of laws “cracking down on predatory lending by big banks, steering good jobs to Rhode Island families, increasing affordable housing and facilitating the development of renewable electricity and ‘green jobs’ across the state.”

Segal also takes credit for organizing a group within the House to block the state budget last year, until $25 million in local aid for schools and municipalities was restored.

Brian Hull over at R.I. Future (where Segal is a frequent contributor) enthusiastically endorses Segal’s candidacy, with a handy list of Segal’s proposed initiatives. (Disclosure: Segal is a founding partner of, and frequent contributor to, the Providence Daily Dose as well. I don’t think that means anything in particular, and we welcome comments from the other side of the aisle.) ‘David Segal for Congress’ has a Facebook page of course.

And here comes the ‘begging for money’ portion of the program that we all hate, but if you want real change in Washington, stop talking about it and do something! Dave has already earned the support of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee — they think he can win this thing, and so do we. Go to Act Blue now to donate to the campaign, and become part of something important and exciting.

218 Taunton Avenue

4 thoughts on “David Segal Will Run — Announcement Wednesday”

  1. Just what this country needs another cry baby crack pot ultra-liberal who does not even have a clue about the real world. I am what Mayor Ed Koch called a liberal with sanity.

  2. mr. segal is really quite pretentious.

    i don’t want a pretentious congressman.

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