I Never Get To That Part Of The State

Spoleto 2010 poster . . . I thought it was apple orchards and safe houses. ProJo arts writer, Bill Van Siclen brings to our attention this odd poster recently unveiled for the 2010 Spoleto Festival USA. Why artist and noted Vietnam Memorial sculptor, Maya Lin, would want to invoke the image of Rhode Island for an event that takes place in South Carolina is anyone’s guess.

“It’s definitely got people talking,” said festival director Nigel Redden. “Basically, people seem to get the South Carolina connection, since that’s where we’re located. But the Rhode Island reference seems to be provoking a lot of discussion, both pro and con.”

That’s South Carolina sideways on the right. This and other festival posters are available for sale for $25.

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  1. Rhode Island is there because they show up beside each other in the atlas.

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