Keno (Leslie) To Discuss New England Antiques

Goddard tea table Fans of Antiques Roadshow (and ‘the twins’) should head over to Brown University Sunday for a lecture on antiquing in New England. Speakers will include noted Roadshow appraiser Leslie Keno.

Come learn the origins and changing notions of collecting and antiquing in New England at the 2010 Annual Newell D. Goff Lecture of the Rhode Island Historical Society. This year’s panel is titled “Making the New England Mummies Dance: Creating and Hunting Antiques in New England” and will feature leading voices in the field today: Leslie Keno, of Sotheby’s, Associate Professor Briann Greenfield, Ph.D. of Central Connecticut State University, and Scott and Rae Davis, proprietors of the Rhode Island Antiques Mall.

Dancing mummies?

Sunday, 2pm, Salomon Center, Room 001, Main Green, Waterman Street, Brown University, info at 331.8575 ext 45

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