Bryan Principe City Council Kickoff

Join Bryan Principe at Loie Fuller’s Restaurant on Tuesday May 18th at 5:30 in support of his campaign for City Council of District 13, representing the neighborhoods of Downtown, Federal Hill, and the West End. Bryan is a hard-working advocate for our community. He has served on the City Plan Commission for over ten years, gaining intimate working knowledge of city government and its workings. He has also served on the WBNA board for six years, and has gotten his hands dirty at countless community events, specifically the re-opening of West Broadway Elementary School and the planting of fifty new street trees throughout the West End. The kickoff at Loie Fuller’s will serve as the official launch of his campaign. Tickets for the event are $30.

3 thoughts on “Bryan Principe City Council Kickoff”

  1. Melinda, sorry that was your impression of Bryan. I can assure you that he does have a solid understanding of city government. I am sure you will bump into him again over the next few months of his campaign. Feel free to follow up with questions or concerns you might have. As far as the above mentioning of the W. Broadway School, it does not say that the school is “opened” instead the verb “opening” as still in the process of. There is no denying Bryan’s active role in fighting to re-open that school and better the education options for local residents. Perhaps I should have been a bit more clear. Sorry about that. As far as serving on a neighborhood board, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate job requirement for City Council. It is a testament to Bryan’s genuine passion and commitment in bettering our neighborhood.

  2. I live in Ward 13 and I have heard that Brian Principe is running for City Council. I meet him the other day while he was campaigning on my street and I talked with him for awhile. He was a nice person but he had little knowledge of city government. He had no answers to my questions and was very uncomfortable like he had no clue. He seemed to play the role of “politican” like shake my hand and get my vote. I am sorry to say that I have MAJOR problems and we need a person that has done more than planted a few trees and served on a neighborhood board. I see the above announcement stated that he RE-opened West Broadway School. To my knowledge the school has NOT RE-opened so that is a false statement and as a voter that is a LIE.

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