Am I alone in this, or does anyone else not care if Gloria James, LeBron’s mother, did or did not have sex with LeBron’s teammate, Delonte West?  In a world where people are struggling to keep their homes in a stressful economy, the gulf coast has once again been devastated by a monumental disaster and American troops are being needlessly killed overseas, what the people of this great nation truly care about is whether or not the golden child of the NBA’s mother is boinking one of his lesser-known teammates?  Really?

Shame on any major news outlet for reporting this nonsense.  I am not exactly known to be a prude by anyone’s standard, but enough is enough already.  Just as I am not excited by which celebrity has cheated on their spouse or which politician has been “hooking-up” in airport bathrooms, I don’t give-a-crap about this situation.  So what, LeBron lost to the Celtics.  Is he such a force in the league that his team’s loss in that series can only be explained by such a dramatic experience in his life as his mother shacking-up with his b-list teammate?

Maybe I just don’t get it.  Perhaps people do find this kind of information to be important in their lives.  Maybe they consider this pertinent to the everyday happenings of our community.  If so, consider me an outcast because I just don’t see it that way.

3 thoughts on “Really…Really?”

  1. Matthew Weldon

    Wow. Kind of harsh Bill. I think that there is more to the Side Blog than simply having it act as a virtual corkboard for announcements. Although I actually do appreciate your thoughts, I think that it is wholly appropriate to use this space as a place for opinions, editorials and other such writing. Sorry that you did not care for my post.

  2. Annie Messier

    Or, one could be a wiseass and say you’re perpetuating this type of stuff, as I only knew LeBron as “the guy who lost to the Celtics” and knew nothing of any sex scandal involving his mom until I read your post : P

  3. Matt,

    Please come down off of that high horse.

    I could not care about this either. But the references to the stressful economy, the oil spil, and the “needlessly killed” ? Really?

    As I read your blog post, it is surrounded by “Bike to Work”, “Singles Event”, “Bike Swap” posts.

    Is this what the people of this great nation need also?

    No of course not. But it is infotainment/news.

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