Save The Atlantic Mills Towers

atlantic mills tower The Providence Preservation Society of Rhode Island has released its annual Most Endangered Properties survey. Once again on the list are the weirdly whimsical and totally phallic towers (I’m sorry but I know a penis when I see one, pic after jump) at the Atlantic Mills complex at 100 Manton Avenue, built in 1863. Apparently the builders had a little extra money to throw at this project — the brickwork on these impractical edifices is insanely detailed. The PPS hopes somebody will do something.

The society says it hopes the list serves as a catalyst for sustainable development by sparking conversation and finding solutions that ensure preservation. The society noted two successes in protecting properties placed on last year’s list. The General Ambrose Burnside House, at 314 Benefit St., underwent extensive work during the summer of 2009 to restore the property to its late 19th-century splendor. And the Captain Joseph Tillinghast House, at 403 South Main St., is currently being stabilized and restored.

But as they say in the real estate biz — location, location, location. How can this crazy pile be re-imagined in this economy, in this location? Luxury condos? I don’t think so.

5 thoughts on “Save The Atlantic Mills Towers”

  1. This building is legendary in rock ‘n’ roll circles for being the location of the very first “Terrastock” music festival, which took place there in April 1997. It can’t be allowed to die! Those towers are symbolic, and not only in THAT way!

  2. I wrote a post on this a couple of months back, and emailed the owners, hoping to get some interior shots and maybe a little needed attention for the building. I never heard back.

    It would be a shame to lose this building. Perhaps a retail/artist space like Hope Artiste Village?

  3. francis stack

    When I was a child it was the castle we shoped in. Onelyville was magical for a little kid living in a coild water flat without a beach house! It was better than Disney or Harry Potter. Phalic symbol indee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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