Larry Lessig On Citizens United just interviewed Larry Lessig, who testified today in support of a resolution I introduced calling for a federal constitutional convention to address the Citizens United decision:

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Citizens United case, there are many, many outspoken critics of what may now be the next generation of electoral campaigns, bought and sold by corporations with the ability to spend millions upon millions of dollars to influence elections.

David Segal introduced a carefully crafted piece of legislation (cosponsored by Fierro, Ajello, Lima, and Handy) calling for a Federal Constitutional Convention to address the issue of corporate spending in elections.

Lawrence Lessig, one of the premier liberal / Progressive thinkers of our day, appeared at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing to speak in support of Segal’s legislation.  Matt Jerzyk sat down with Dr. Lessig for a few minutes before the testimony.  Here’s the interview.

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