BarPlays Festival Starts Monday

as220 I know more about bars than plays, although I have been known to perform the occasional totally unscripted ‘scene’ — reviews were mixed. This is not what David Higgins of the Words Progress Administration has in mind. The WPA will be performing original short pieces in bars around town over the next two weeks starting Monday June 14. Speaking to The Providence Journal Higgins reassures us,

. . .this won’t be a case of “guerilla theatre,” where unsuspecting folks are assaulted by actors. A host each night will explain what’s going on for those caught unawares.

THANK YOU. The locations are: Abe’s, the E & O, Everyman, Nick-A-Nees. the Red Fez, Trinity Brewhouse, the Wild Colonial, and AS220. All the plays take place in bars — actors may be seated at the bar and might even be the person behind the bar. The performances are timed for earlier in the evening, thus not interfering or competing with the later, more boisterous drinky-type crowd.

Mondays (June 14 and 21st), 7pm to 8:30pm-ish, AS220, 115 Empire Street

For more info go to BarPlays. (Complete schedule for next two weeks.)

3 thoughts on “BarPlays Festival Starts Monday”

  1. Beth is right. These are not readings. And, yes, E&O Tap is small. It would not work for every play that is in the festival. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity for other plays because of its size. Check it out and let us know what you think.

  2. I don’t think they are reading. And although some of the venues are small, the actors will be sitting at the bar. That’s where the plays take place. That’s the setting of the action.

  3. Are they going to be performing these shows or just reading scripts?
    Some of the venues like E&O are too small to accommodate anything.

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