Tuesday BarPlays Festival At Red Fez

red fez Tonight, and again next Tuesday on June 22nd, the BarPlays Festival will be held at the Fez. Tonight’s writers are David Eliet, Adara Meyers and Bit Players. [I have edited this list for accuracy. Thank you commenter.]

Adara Meyers’ “Omen Experts” was written for the Red Fez on Peck Street, and is designed to take advantage of the space, which, by the way, won’t have a stage.

More at ProJo.

Free, 7pm to 8:30pm, Tuesday, the Red Fez, 49 Peck Street

5 thoughts on “Tuesday BarPlays Festival At Red Fez”

  1. Sorry for any confusion… We did have a few last minute changes. Willa’s piece will be at the Fez on 22nd. Tonight is Omen Experts by Adara Meyers, So Far Away by David Eliet, Improv by the Bit Players, and Antipasto’s by myself which will replace the aforementioned Public Response.

  2. I’m being an idiot, sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. Still, have fun.

  3. I’m still going but these are who are listed for tonight.
    So Far Away by David Eliet
    Omen Experts by Adara Meyers
    PiF! Preview by Bit Players

  4. The Barplays website states that Willa’s play will be June 22 at Red Fez.
    Are you sure that her play is tonight?

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