5 thoughts on “Live Music For Hump Day Night”

  1. no worries Beth. thanks for the note.

    it was a great night. lots of noise is always my go to forum for shows postings.

  2. Sorry Matt, you hit a few hours without an admin. Rats. I can no longer find any useful listings for Jerky’s during the week and I know they have been having bands. Tell ’em to send us a line, or at least throw something up on Lots of Noise. Thanks for the heads-up, sorry we were out.

  3. umm… so my first post somehow didn’t make it…

    Dave ‘n’ Steve reunion show featuring Marc from Fang Island

    also playing MAST, Thrillhouse, Deathwish and Reign of Abaddon

  4. Apparently Deathwish and Reign of Abbadon are also playing at Jerky’s tonight. do it.

  5. also at Jerky’s is the Dave ‘n’ Steve reunion show featuring Marc from Fang Island. MAST and Thrillhouse will also be playing.

    Doors at 9.

    shameless plug.

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