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The story of Betty Anne Waters, Roger Williams University School of Law ’98, just had to be a movie. Hilary Swank snagged the lead and heads an amazing cast in the upcoming movie ‘Conviction’. Ms. Waters is featured in the Summer 2010 Amicus, the magazine of the RWU School of Law. (The school is rightfully proud of this illustrious alumna, and must be pretty excited about this movie). According to IMDB the original choice to play the lead was Naomi Watts (I might have gone with Amy Ryan) and the filming was done in Ann Arbor (waaa).

The February issue of Rhode Island Monthly covered this incredible story. Betty’s brother Kenneth had been convicted in Massachusetts of a murder that occurred in 1980. Convinced of his innocence, she set her course.

Though she dropped out of high school as a teen, her crusade sent her back to the classroom, first at Community College of Rhode Island, then Rhode Island College, then Roger Williams University School of Law. She’s now a brand-new lawyer, with her brother as her only client.

What tenacity. That’s one helluva sister. I will not spoil the ending; Betty Anne Waters now works with the Innocence Project. The film is scheduled to be released this fall — should be quite an event around these parts.

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  1. I saw the movie today…an Academy Award winner…Best movie of the year…Best actress of the year. Best actor of the year. Best supporting actress of the year and best screenplay. But, most of all it is a wonderful movie of “HOPE” and it is a story of the victims of an injustice. The tragedy bestowed upon the victim and her family is so unbelievable as the pain it has caused so sympathetic is unmeasurable. But this story is not about them directly. And, Gloria Allred…get out of the story. Don’t be an ambulance chaser. Go after a Civil suit against the Ayer City Council and Ayer Police Department on behalf of the Family of the deceased, the lives ruined by the lies explained by the witnesses who perjured themselves with the threat of prosecution by the City police. Gloria, please act on behalf of all those who suffered as a result of this injustice and upon the lost of freedom of Kenny Waters and do it Pro Bono… When you do…You’ll raise my opinion of you as a lawyer.

  2. Teddy – I hear you. There is clearly something going on and we need to get to the bottom of it. I happen to believe that it has more to do with the prison system becoming big business and their need to fill these cells or they don’t make money. We’re all being used for this lucrative scheme of theirs. And naturally, they are not at all interested in reducing crime, since there would go their gravy train. And THAT is why there are so many people—men mostly, and a disproportionate number of men of color—in America’s prisons. It’s BIG MONEY.

  3. This movie is about more than this one incident… an innocent man going to prison and the sister becoming a lawyer to save… IT SHOULD BE SEEN IN THE LIGHT OF the INNOCENCE PROJECTS and something ominous that has happened to me generally…. many men wrongfully convicted and/or injured in other way…. IT IS NOT ABOUT JUST THIS ONE MAN… it is also about 100s of men wrongfully sent to prison and maybe even 1000s more injured in other ways by police and a legal system being used for revenge on innocent men all over the USA…. THIS MOVIE SHOULD SPARK STUDY of what is happening nationwide….. anti male bias and a witch hunt against men…

  4. Tonight, I saw a special advance screening of ‘Conviction’ and was blown away. Sam Rockwell turns in another phenomenal performance and should win a well-deserved Oscar in 2011. All the ladies (Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, Melissa Leo, Juliette Lewis & Clea Duvall) were memorable as well.

    This is thee movie to see in 2010 !!!!!

  5. Roger A Hutchings

    My Wife and I were privilege to Attend a preview Screening of the movie Conviction last night in Denver. As the move Blind Side won an academy award for Sandra Bullock, I can;t wait to watch the 2011 academy show as Hillary Swank will win an academy award for her role in Conviction. In fact this true story portrayed by Hillary and an incredible cast should get an award for the movie. When this move comes to the theaters this fall it isnot to be missed by anyone as i who can’t imagine being being in prison for one day let alone a decade!

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