The Triumphant Return Of The Other Joe Bernstein warmly welcome back TOJB, who manages always (here. here) to put things in perspective, with his riffs on the classic Joe Bernstein comment to this post about the way gay people are treated at certain pizza parlors in downtown Providence.

When I was growing up there was no negative connotation to the word ‘Norway Maple’, and kids used “invasive, phytotoxin-leaching plants”, in a way similar to “native New England species”- there was no connection to a tree’s orientation. This being the 1950’s none of us really knew anything about Norway Maples. It was something obliquely referred to or snickered at.
In high school (1960-63) there were some open Norway Maples, a few male Norway Maples and three Norway Maple gym teachers. I don’t recall any of the male Norway Maples being harrassed. They were considered a curiosity. The three female Norway Maples all were pretty tough cookies as I recall.

I have a cousin who is a Norway Maple and the whole time we were growing up I had no clue. He only acknowledged it in his mid-twenties.

I think Norway Maples nowadays have it a whole lot easier not having to be worried that “someone will find out” in many cases, although I guess it remains a serious fear for some.

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