Beckett Starts For PawSox Sunday

Josh Beckett Okay, this looks like a promo for The Bachelor — age 30, enjoys deer hunting, meeting lingerie models, and being Texan — are you his San Antonio Rose? But let’s face it, he is kind of adowable. According to the ProJo Beckett, who had reaggravated a previous injury in May “on a wet mound”, is now ready for a rehab stint in Pawtucket.

The plan will be for Beckett to throw five innings for the PawSox on Sunday with a target of 65-70 pitches. The pitcher and the team will reassess Beckett after he makes one more start, though the venue for that start has yet to be determined.

In this injury-plagued season it will be nice if we can get somebody back in the action. Sunday’s game at McCoy is against the Syracuse Chiefs. General admission is still $7. . . best deal in town. (This picture is starting to weird me out. I may have to go find an action shot.)

1:05pm, Sunday, McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket

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