Don’t Let The ‘Meter’ Fool You

scientology e-meter This may not be science. When the Providence Journal announced its new feature PolitiFact Rhode Island I thought some fact-checking in this election year might make the candidates more ‘careful’. But I also thought the analysis would involve checking the accuracy of the statistical citations they used to underpin their positions. Instead, the Journal has taken to parsing commonly understood words and phrases, a squishy exercise that does not lend itself to accurate ‘Truth-o-Meter’ readings. The subject in today’s paper is State Rep. David Segal (and candidate for U.S. CD1) and his assertion that he sponsored a bill to crack down on the banks. (Before you read the PolitiFact piece — ask yourself what you think a politician means when he says he ‘sponsored’ a bill.) For Dave’s response go to Rhode Island’s Future where Brian Hull also takes issue with this semantic nitpicking.

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