Whigs At Club Hell


I love low budget videos that are just a party in someone’s yard — we need a truck, and get some bubbles, wear that costume you have, free beer. . . and bring girls, we need more girls. And you can join the party with these good ol’ boys (Athens, Georgia) tonight — no bubbles please. Their first two cd’s, raw and garage-y; the latest more anthemic arena rock — some critics not happy. They are reputed to tear things up live. Starting time? The Whigs MySpace page says tonight’s show starts at 8pm, which sounds reasonable. But the Club Hell page says 6pm. I’m wondering if SoundSession has things a bit wonky. Anybody?

[Thank you commenter! Doors 6pm — opening acts Idolands and Galvanize. BC]

The Whigs, doors 6pm, Wednesday, Club Hell, 73 Richmond Street

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  1. Paul Fantastic

    Doors are at 6, with opening acts Idolands and Galvanize. Come early, you deserve a cold beer, you sexy bitch!

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