But It’s The State Boid

Rhode Island Red Okay, we have a scheduling conflict here but I see no reason why both events can’t start with a little drinking (see below: Beer Garden). According to the Providence Journal many Providence residents have started raising chickens in their backyards for the fresh eggs and plus they are kind of adorable. But raising any farm animal is illegal within city limits. There seems to be a hearing in City Hall today before the ordinance committee where petitioners will make their case for a change in the law.

Other major cities, including New York, Portland, Denver, Baltimore and New Haven, have passed laws allowing for chicken-keeping in recent years, according to Leo Pollack, education director at the Southside Community Land Trust, which helped develop the proposed legislation and operates a farm in South Providence that has six chickens.

I’m assuming the issues here are noise and aroma.  At any rate, this hearing is to start exactly when the ‘Mericans take the stage at the Beer Garden, and I’m pretty sure their fan base consists mostly of chicken farmers and law-breakers. What to do? Everybody meet at the Beer Garden at 4:30pm and figure it out.

Hearing City Hall, 5:30pm, Thursday [Update: ProJo reports on hearing.]

(Trivia Quiz: What frothing, racist, sanctimonious, dirtbag currently in the news voiced Rocky the Rhode Island Red in the movie ‘Chicken Run’? Answer after the jump.)

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