Adj Noun: Brass Sopaipilla

3_Brass_SopaipillasCorrugated Press, based in Providence and Santa Fe, and Soggy Summer, based in Chicago, have released Brass Sopaipilla, the first issue of their literary publication, adj noun magazine. Brass Sopaipilla is 45 imperfectly hand-bound pages of (mostly) fiction, poetry, and visual art by Blake Butler, Christopher Woods, Coupons Coupons, Daisy Atterbury, David Ohle, Feliz Molina, John Biscello, J.C. Paul, Marie Atterbury, Peter Markus, Ropert Lopez, Rob Walsh, Roxanne Carter, Suzanne Vilmain, Thirii Myint, Tim Ramick, Tricia Atlas, and Will Barnet. It was printed in an edition of 200, and its cover was letterpressed in a variety colors. Almost every Brass Sopaipilla has been wrapped in a unique belt, so no two are alike.

From the title page: “A sopaipilla [so-puh-pee-uh] is related to a cloud: consumption involves a puncturing with teeth through the shell, directly followed by, if not entirely coupled with, rapid deflation of the pillow-like object, ending in an encounter with the famed inner succulence. The consistency of that interior is reminiscent of the most viscous of ambrosias: smooth, homogeneous, and especially devoid of grainy particulates like ‘reflections of reality.’ The brass sopaipilla, a relative of the cloud through association with the sopaipilla, surely must inherit some of those traits. However, we expect differences to arise at least in the rigidity of the shell and diversity of the interior.”

Brass Sopaipilla is currently available in the following bookstores: Ada Books, Symposium Books, Cellar Stories, and The Brown Bookstore (all in Providence, RI) for 6$. More information, including how to purchase Brass Sopaipilla online, can be found at In addition, nouncommaadj (at) gmail (dot) com is already accepting submissions for issue number two, tentatively titled Digital Hamper.

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