Louis C.K. Live Sunday — I Love This Guy

louis ck This would totally be the worth the trip to Newport, and I do not say that often (Flo’s Clamshack). This is a good ‘get’ for the Newport Summer Comedy Series — Louis C. K. may be the best stand-up guy out there. His recent work includes his nuanced performance as Dave, the unsophisticated, but nobody’s fool, policeman on Parks and Recreation. As Leslie Knope’s suitor he is vulnerable yet strangely confident, and just really appealing. Louie C.K. now has his own comedy show on the FX Network. Louie is structured much like the old Seinfeld (not that there’s anything wrong with that) with Louie’s daily struggles book-ended by segments of his stand-up (the bit about the homeless guy is insanely funny). What sets the show apart are the new twists on old standards — see the blind date episode — and his ability to find the perfect word every time.

Louie airs Tuesdays, tonight, 11pm on the FX Network.

Louie C.K. Live, $35, 7:30pm, Sunday, August 1st, Newport Yachting Center, 16+

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