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Back in 2001, I e-mailed Avengers frontwoman Penelope Houston to ask her a question for this music project I was working on at the time, and she didn’t respond for months and then when I followed up she apologized and told me that her computer had been struck by lightning.  Maybe she just had bad luck, perhaps, but I always thought she was actually making fun of me.  (Because probably she was?)

Anyway.  I mention this because the Avengers are coming!  To Providence!  Tonight!  Holy crap!

The legendary San Francisco-based punk band released a number of really great songs in the late seventies, none better than their debut single “We Are The One” [note its awesomeness above]. Penelope Houston and guitarist Greg ingraham are back together with, um, some younger members, and they’re coming through town tonight.  Tonight!

[Sorry for the short notice here.  I know it’s not polite to post things right before they happen, but I only just now noticed the poster when I walked by AS220.]

By the way, if this doesn’t fulfill your weekly quota of watching aged rock musicians performing their old hits, might I suggest The Reducers, the New London pop-punk group from circa 1983 who will be playing at Jerky’s this Friday.  Their songs “Out Of Step” and “She’s Having A Meltdown” and “Let’s Go” have always been personal favorites.

The Avengers
115 Empire St

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