Pawtucket Just Got Lucky — Vote For Sawyer

Pawtucket City Hall Okay, Pawtucket is not technically part of Providence and is therefore a bit beyond the original scope of this blog. However, the residents of Providence certainly have a stake in the economic and political health of our border towns lest they descend into anarchy and the revolting rabble spills over onto our side, pillaging and whatnot. And so it gives me great pleasure to announce that my friend John Sawyer is running for a councilor-at-large seat on the Pawtucket City Council. According to the Valley Breeze,

Sawyer, who considers himself a fiscal conservative, heeded a call to step up and get involved in his community. As a result of attending City Council meetings regularly over the past two years, Sawyer said he found that the real work of the council is done in council committees. He said he is usually the lone civilian attendee besides the councilmen themselves at the committee meetings.

If he is this active as a citizen, just think what he will be like as an elected official! All I know is he is smart and honest, and he already knows his way around this building here. (Wasn’t the idea of a few at-large council seats suggested for Providence a while ago? We should bring that up again.) For more info go to John Sawyer for Pawtucket City Council.

2 thoughts on “Pawtucket Just Got Lucky — Vote For Sawyer”

  1. Nope, I screwed-up the signatures… Tried to do it all myself in too little time. Next time I’m going to activate all the people who offered help this time. 🙂

    Thanks for the shot-out though. I’m going to have to meet with the other folks around and put together a list of ‘good’ candidates, there are a lot of fresh faces getting onboard this year.

  2. I know that Mangeek is also running. Not sure if he got the signatures or not.

    John S. has really stepped up his game, doing the hard work suffering through those wretched meetings. (I was 1 for 4 in going the distance.)

    I’m registered back in PVD, so I can’t help, but vote for change in Pawtucket. You need a revolution up there!

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