If It’s Pork Wrapped In Bacon. . .

matt gennuso with al roker

. . . it just has to be Matt Gennuso of Chez Pascal! Check out today’s food segment with Al Roker on the Today Show. They show the pork truck and everything. He’s really good at this, very natural and amusing. They made a yummy bacon and pork meatlloaf sandwich, with cole slaw on toasted bun. Picture after the jump.

pork meatloaf sandwich

1 thought on “If It’s Pork Wrapped In Bacon. . .”

  1. Chez Pascal is some next level shhh…ut yo mouth. there’s no need to speak, just enjoy the deliciousness.

    seriously though this is one of the best places to eat in the city. i’m excited to see them getting some national attention. they certainly deserve it. the duck blew my mind.

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