Weekend In Music

birdlips Friday@the 201, Birdlips, Chris Paddock/Diego Perez, the Loom @Club Hell, Smart Bomb, the Brunt of It, the Down and Outs, Starting Over Tuesday @the Spot, Spogga @Firehouse 13, Hank Sinatra Jr, Yavinfive, Lil’ Vag, the Unibrows, Weak Teeth, the Letter Q @Waterplace Park, OK Go @AS220, MOGA

Saturday@Firehouse 13, the Ones, La Merma, Atlantic Thrills, Clusterfuck @Nick-A-Nee’s, Mark Cutler and Friends @AS220, Icky Bonez, B. Cobb, Miles Stenhouse and the Road to Ruin

Sunday@AS220, Divets, No One and the Somebodies, Turbosleaze, Private Public @Club Hell, the Midnight Creeps, the Shutdown, Blank Tradition, La Merma, Standard Deviance, the Pity Whores

(Birdlips photo by Alan Kayanan)

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