Rhode Island International Film Festival

behind the hedgerow This is a first, an image of Newport grande dame and conservative fundraiser, Eileen Slocum here on The Dose. Say what you will — that is one vivid woman. (Please tell me those aren’t emeralds.) I’m looking forward to David Bettencourt’s new movie, Behind the Hedgerow, about the life of old money Newport aristos with a focus on Ms. Slocum. Behind the Hedgerow kicks off the ‘Rhode Island International Film Festival’ which runs from August 10th thru August 15th. The world premier of this movie (written and producedby G. Wayne Miller) will be held Tuesday night at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, and will show again at Salve Regina in Newport on Saturday at 2pm — these are gala events with special ticket prices and hors d’oeuvres.

Another local entry is Sleather. Michael Janusonis writes in the ProJo,

. . . Anthony Ambrosino’s “Sleather,” a comedy about the sometimes cartoonish adventures of three friends in a small New England town who set off on a quest for fame that takes them on the journey of a lifetime, often with absurd results.

Hey, Kirsten Dunst directed one entry, Bastard. Synopsis — A young couple in crisis find their way to a desert motel. Three odd men plan to meet them for reasons that seem unbelievable.

For the complete list of entries and schedule — there’s tons of interesting prospects — go to RIIFF. 197 movies, 48 countries, Tuesday through Sunday.

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