Kids In The Hall Return


In a complete repudiation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, all five of the original Kids in the Hall have reorganized to produce a new comedy show. Starting this Friday on the IFC network the original 8-part miniseries Death Comes To Town will kick off with back-to-back episodes. Leaving the sketch comedy format behind, they have crafted a murder mystery of sorts.

Shortly after the arrival of the Grim Reaper to Shuckton, Ontario on a Greyhound bus, everyone in the small town is implicated when one of its most distinguished citizens is found murdered. Co-written by all five Kids, the story of Death Comes to Town unfolds in a serialized format, different from their previous work on television, that uses “act-enders” to carry viewers forward to the next episode. “It’s a gothic comic mini-series,” explains Bruce McCulloch, Executive Producer.

(Please don’t suck, please, please, please…)

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