Net Neutrality — We’re For It


Not a good month for the First Amendment. The New York mosque story should have been a non-starter but the usual suspects, with assistance from the lazy news outlets, are whipping it up out of all proportion. But this ‘Net Neutrality’ issue has serious ramifications. Minnesota Senator Al Franken is calling it the “First Amendment issue of our time”. He’s been out in front of this, bringing it up last summer at the Sotomayor confirmation hearings, but the issue seems to have gained traction lately with joining the fray. Franken also has a site where you can sign his petition. Better yet, contact your congressmen. (Franken seen here speaking at the Netroots Convention in July.)

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  1. Thanks for the posting here DD– it’s a huge issue that we must be ready to defend. Wasn’t that the big Netroots meet-up in Providence? Oh, right…

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