Dictionaries Needed


The ‘Race to the Top’ $75 million jackpot was announced on Tuesday to great fanfare. The Channel 10 graphics department (read: intern) helped illustrate just how urgently these funds are needed.

4 thoughts on “Dictionaries Needed”

  1. mark sawtelle

    If you watch Channel 10 regularly, you’re treated to many exploits
    from The Team You Can Trust To Mess Up The Titles, such as:

    – “low-bowling points” [for “low boiling points”]

    – “Balloot Lottery” [for “Ballot Lottery”]

    – “Red Six” [for “Red Sox”] !!!

    – “Rate hiek” [for “Rate hike”]

    – “dead of alive” [for “dead or alive”]

    – “terror scare on U-S fligh” [for “terror scare on US flight”]

    I’ve reported these–with uncharitable glee–to the supposed ombudsman there (gm@wjar.com), making the point that it wouldn’t be any big deal except that they insufferably plug their reporting prowess at every commercial break. Am still waiting for even an automated acknowledgment. Not holding my breath.

  2. well at least they spelled “achieving” right that tends to mess people up lol

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