Dan The Man With Friend

officer dan Officer Dan Famiglietti of the Providence Police Mounted Command is patrolling the Thayer Street area today — presumably to greet and guide the out-of-towners — on board this utterly imposing and gorgeous piece of horse flesh. According to the ‘Meet the Horses’ page at the Command website,

The majority of the mounts are “draft crosses” (heavily boned work horses such as Clydesdales, Percherons and Belgians, crossed with the lighter boned saddle breeds such as a Thoroughbred, an American Quarter Horse, a Morgan or an Arabian). These draft crosses are very strong boned, and, as such, they can handle the weight of heavy riders [insert obligatory lame donut joke here: ed.] and walking on hard surfaces for long hours. They also tend not to shy easily, meaning that they are not easily startled and can readily be trained to perform their police duties. Most of the horses have been purchased in Canada.

I believe Cassidy here is a Percheron mix. While useful for crowd control, the horses’ true value lies in the immeasurable goodwill they engender wherever they go. The police horses should always always be with us. (You can probably help Dan out, and do yourself a favor, by avoiding the Angell/Thayer/Waterman/Brook maelstrom whenever possible this weekend.)

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