Welcome Incoming Freshmen

nice slice pizza

The Providence Daily Dose welcomes the Brown class of 2014. You now stand proudly on the shoulders of S. J. Perelman and Lisa Loeb who could often be seen sharing a peperoni and sausage pizza at Nice Slice on Thayer Street. Chuck Colson and E. Howard Hunt liked to shop at Zuzu’s Petals.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Incoming Freshmen”

  1. wrong: you have obviously never lived (or driven a car) in nyc! everyone jaywalks. it’s not even really considered jaywalking, at least not in manhattan or inner brooklyn. drivers are secondary and they know it. and i say this as someone who owned a car there!

  2. Um, Lisa Loeb graduated at least a DECADE before Nice Slice opened…

    Allow me to rephrase:
    “Brown undergrads – you stand proudly on the shoulders of flimsy pop mythology and your parents incomes. Now please try not to lurch into the street while updating your facepagespace on an overpriced toy phone.”

  3. “Lisa Loeb who could often be seen sharing a peperoni and sausage pizza”

    You mean the same Lisa Loeb who is a very outspoken vegetarian?

    As for mangeek’s comment, the reason no one jaywalks in NYC is because pedestrians know that drivers will turn them into a human speedbump if they don’t follow the rules. Unfortunately, there was a pedestrian vs. car death last year. Stay on the sidewalks and in crosswalks where you belong, please.

  4. Anyone interested in pushing Brown and RISD to have a mandatory ‘how to cross the street’ class for incoming students?

    Also, I’m working on a map of which crosswalks pedestrians can expect drivers to stop at and which ones belong to the cars (hint: if there’s a light at it, drivers aren’t going to forgo a green to let you walk).

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