Whizzed This One Down Our Leg

The 'P' Sign One great bit featured on the old ‘SCTV’ television show was a ‘commercial’ for a business called Logos ‘R’ Us. The logo for this business was of course an over-designed tangle of illegible scribbles and letters. I suspect the designers of the ‘P’ sign did not see that particular episode, but they did have this awesome new font suite.

Last night the Providence mayoral candidates met again at the Wheeler School (ProJo) and discussed many of the same issues covered on the Channel 12 debate on Tuesday (ProJo). But last night the issue of the artistically bogus and irredeemable ‘Creative Capital’ campaign was broached.

All the candidates, with the exception of Taveras, said they would get rid of the city slogan (“the Creative Capital”) and symbol (an orange capital ‘P’) that Cicilline spent more than $100,000 to develop.

I personally support Angel Taveras for the job, but he got this one wrong. Frankly, it’s a pretty minor issue and he may not have given it much thought.  But I would like to frame it within a larger issue — that of the excessive flag-and-banner crappage (much of it advertising) that increasingly clutters and spoils the visual landscape of the city. A policy should be put in place limiting this increasing blight. Sometimes a lamppost should just be a lamppost.

2 thoughts on “Whizzed This One Down Our Leg”

  1. Noooooooooooooo! Doesn’t anyone have any taste any more? They could use the money to really decorate that tree in December — that looked so pathetic last year. Plus those banners are always plasti-coated nightmares that look so cheap.

  2. oh, Lord

    you’re in for a surprise in Wayland Square, Beth – they’ve been given a grant to hang up banners, and i’ve been following the discussions on what it should look like i think “W” instead of “P” in various unimaginative fonts and layouts . . .

    didn’t the city of Providence hire a firm outside of Rhode Island to design the “P” thing? if so, that goes against his campaign boasts of bringing jobs to the state

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