Glengarry Glen Ross Opening At The Gamm Theatre


Glengarry Glen Ross
by David Mamet
directed by Fred Sullivan, Jr.

Gamm Resident Director Fred Sullivan, Jr., recently compared Mamet’s award-winning play to the popular 1992 screenplay,

Mamet calls Glengarry “a gang comedy about vicious ambition.” Ten years after he wrote the play, Mamet expanded it into a screenplay and added a brutally hilarious speech for Alec Baldwin, which has become legendary. Several amateur stage productions try to add Baldwin’s “Coffee is for closers” speech onto the play and, admittedly, who wouldn’t be tempted? But besides being illegal, Mamet insists that they are different animals. He says a play and a film are as different as a plane and a car: “You can add extra parts to a car but you really don’t want extra parts on a plane!” So since Glengarry had won every prestigious award as a play, why not revisit it in exactly the form it was originally conceived — live onstage.

Glengarry runs from September 2 through October 3. Tickets are $25$30 and $40 (depending on day/time). Recommended for mature audiences only. Discounts for subscribers, groups of 10 or more, seniors and students.

For tickets call 401.723.4266 or go to

Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, 172 Exchange Street, Pawtucket

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