Save the ‘P’

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Only Angel Taveras would keep the ‘Creative Capital’ logo. I like the ‘P’. Besides that, it cost $100,000 and taking down all those signs an making new ones is not how I want the next mayor to use my tax dollars…

4 thoughts on “Save the ‘P’”

  1. i would consider New York City more of a “creative capitol” than the parking sign… i mean Providence.

    just sayin’

  2. Thanks, Beth. The ‘P’ isn’t worth getting pugilistic about, that’s for sure. I wish I could sell a letter for $100,000. At least we aren’t the Pothole Capital– then again, maybe we are.
    But changing the city slogan is very low on the list of priorities, art education in the public schools would get more support, I think.

  3. Nancy, just as I was deciding to write on this very issue, I noticed that you had posted as well. We will have to agree to disagree on this one I’m afraid. But I do agree that no money should be spent making NEW ones. We just don’t need signs. We just ARE creative, it’s all around you. Thanks for your contributions. Beth

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