The Keg ‘n’ Casket

mcbride's pub According The Providence Journal the City of Providence Board of Licenses has heard a proposal for a new pub in the Wayland Square area,

. . . the proprietors of Monahan Drabble & Sherman Funeral Home propose to open a pub in an old garage space attached to their business at Wayland and Waterman avenues.

The license board began a public hearing on the application last week and then tabled the request temporarily while the proprietors, brothers Mark E. Russell and Robert Russell, both of Country Club Drive, Warwick, consult with Stephen Lewinstein, who has extensive real estate investments in the vicinity.

The plan is for a 60-seat eatery to be called McBride’s Pub, complete with an outdoor patio where the cars now park.  They’ll need a bouncer with a velvet rope — people are already dying to get in. (More pix after the jump.)

wayland avenue side

wayland avenue

monahan drabble & sherman

6 thoughts on “The Keg ‘n’ Casket”

  1. Here-here Ryan, I miss Pat Rock’s open mic nights downstair’s at the Bookstore Cafe.

  2. I would welcome a pub to Wayland Sq. The choices around the area now are too upscale and without a good old-fashioned bar.

  3. Thayer Mourner

    not living in Wayland I don’t have strong feelings either way about this (though hanging in a funeral home is interesting).. what does jump out at me is the name Stephen Lewinstein. this is one of the landlords thats responsible for the current state of Thayer street.

    Lewinstein owns a large amount of the buildings and has squeezed most of the independent cool businesses out, chasing them away for crappy bars (Karta blech) and chains (urban outfitters). Does anyone remember all the indy businesses that were in the building that houses urban outfitters?

    anyways..Lewinstein is horrible

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