Air Quality Alert — RIPTA Rate Hike

children ww2 [DITTO: Thursday, September 2nd. BC]

The Department of Environmental Management has declared Wednesday, September 1st an ‘Air Quality Alert’ day.

The poor air quality will be due to elevated ground level ozone concentrations. Ozone is a major component of smog and is formed by the photochemical reaction of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles, industry and other sources in the presence of elevated temperatures and sunlight.

Rhode Island residents can help reduce air pollutant emissions. Limit car travel and the use of small engines, lawn motors and charcoal lighter fuels. Travel by bus or carpool whenever possible, particularly during high ozone periods.

This means all RIPTA routes, excluding special services, will be free. Just hop on a bus or trolley, and then hop off.

[Additional note: Right you are Jef, the new rate hike will kick in as soon as the air clears — up to an even $2. (ProJo) BC]

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