Segal Segal Segal For Congress

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Staff writer Tom Mooney has a great story on the front page of today’s Providence Journal about democratic Congressional District 1 candidate David Segal and his grass roots campaign. The piece includes a nice profile of a recent and ardent supporter, Lisa Beade, and her efforts to spread the word and get his name out there.

. . . in July, Beade attended a candidates’ night at a local library, sponsored by the state chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America. Segal, whose verbal delivery is more akin to policy wonk than impassioned orator, was, nevertheless, “so impressive, so articulate,” she said.

“He goes after what he believes is right no matter who is behind it.”

Amen to that. (And somebody get some lawn signs to this gal, asap!) Dave has been working long days, meeting and listening to voters from Woonsocket to Newport, and sharing his vision of the future.

Special Video Feature After the Jump. Dave has just received an unusual endorsement from Tom, a.k.a. The Fake David Segal. Tom is the handsome actor hired by the Bill Lynch campaign to portray David in a televised Lynch ad, and Tom wants everyone to know — he supports Dave Segal for Congress!


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