HUGE Week For Angel Taveras!

This week has been a game changer for Providence’s next Mayor, Angel Taveras.

First, Angel won the endorsement of the city’s largest environmental advocacy group, Clean Water Action.

Second, Fox Point City Councilman Seth Yurdin joined fellow Councilmen Cliff Wood, Kevin Jackson, Miguel Luna and Leon Tejada in endorsing Angel for Mayor. This means that Angel has won the endorsement of each East Side City Council member.

Angel also released his first TV-ad (watch it here!) and held a rally on the steps of the Providence School Department challenging Representative Costantino to stop the Assembly from diverting millions of federal dollars earmarked to save teachers’ jobs to fill the hole he left in the state budget.

And, today, the Taveras campaign announced  a third huge endorsement: the Service Employees Industrial Union, representing over 4,500 service workers from Providence’s hospitals, colleges, nursing homes and Downtown office buildings.

In other news, while Angel’s campaign continues to catch on like wildfire, his opponents are being caught by Politifact with their pants on fire.

1 thought on “HUGE Week For Angel Taveras!”

  1. So how do you explain the zogby poll showing Lombardi leading? Angel has NO experience in running anything. They will eat him up alive in this city. Nice guy, but over his head in this game. Lombardi will take it as Constantino we all know has screwed up state finances.

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