Primary Tuesday — VOTE SEGAL!!!

David Segal Vote in the Democratic Primary Tuesday!

Go to the Secretary of State website to Find Your Polling Place.

For a complete list of candidates in tomorrow’s primary go to ProJo.

All polls close at 9pm. Opening hours vary by town — Providence opens 7am — go here for complete list.

The democratic candidates for the Congressional District 1 seat faced off one last time on NBC 10’s ‘Political Roundtable’. Read all about it in the ProJo.

For more on David Segal’s record and his plans for the future go to VoteSegal.

Send DAVID SEGAL to Washington!!!!

2 thoughts on “Primary Tuesday — VOTE SEGAL!!!”

  1. Well I voted for him. If he doesn’t win, a good showing will send a message. I’m generally happy with David Cicilline’s performance as mayor, so if he wins I’ll support him.

  2. It’s less than astonishing that most of the folks over at the ProJo comment boards who are making anti-Segal comments are also demonstrating their acute need for remedial grammar instruction.

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