Yoo Who? RISD Students Compete At Fashion Week

David Yoo Thesis David Yoo (RISD ’10) was the big winner at the Elle Fashion Next show, taking away the top $25,000 Elle/RISD Design Award. Twenty-two current students and recent grads competed in this inaugural year of the Elle collaboration. Elle writes in a profile that Yoo backed into fashion design after a skateboarding accident ended his football career!

After waking up in the hospital, he found out that he’d fractured his skull, and though this happened years prior to his time at RISD, he’s sure that his design classmates will always remember him as “the guy with screws in his head.”

Yoo name-checks his favorite RISD haunt, Farmstead, for their delicious grilled cheese. But I think we all need to know, just as a matter of public safety, exactly where he got that bloody hair cut. ProJo has video of the students’ show. Go here for John Maeda’s impressions, also the WSJ. Pictured here, pieces from Yoo’s thesis last May. . .  ready to wear!

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