Democratic Primary — Dose Endorsements


CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Blazejewski and Angel Taveras!!! Mr. Fernandez and our own David Segal made very strong showings and should be commended for their effort. And both should be encouraged to run again in the future — we need all the good people we can get. Well done!!!

State Rep District Two — Chris Blazejewski

Rhode Island Attorney General — Joe Fernandez

Mayor of Providence — Angel Taveras

Congressional District One — David Segal

Go to Rhode Island Secretary of State to find your polling place.


Just for future reference — David Segal was the second highest vote-getter in Barrington, Bristol, Jamestown, Little Compton, Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth, Providence and Warren. I think he has a political future here if he wants one. BC

3 thoughts on “Democratic Primary — Dose Endorsements”

  1. How embarrassing! I will fix that now. Thank you. Yikes. Haste makes waste and all that.

  2. Um…Joe Fernandez isn’t running for Mayor of Providence. I’m assuming you meant Angel Tavares there.

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